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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked questions.-

1. No. of cases done 150 cases in last 6 yrs.

2. Is it safe.-
      1) Yes, there is no risk to life.
      2) No damage to eye, as eye ball not touched.

3. Hospital Stay – How Long?
      Pt. fit to travel 9 days after surgery.

4. Results.-
      1) Further loss of vision checked in all cases.
      2) Patients who can count finger more than 3 feet improve vision.
      3) Restoration vision directly proportionate to Pre-op. vision more early recovery.
          Cases with 6/18 restore 6/6 in 6 month.
      4) Vision less than 3/60, do not improve though further loss checked, not recommended for
      5) Night-blindness improves
      6) Peripheral vision improves in 6 months time

5. What is omentum?
      1) Omentum is fatty apron full of blood vessel hanging from stomach (fig.1)
      2) It is primitive tissue full of stem cells which has power to migrate, repairs and revascularize
          injured tissue
      3) It throws omental vessels which anastomose with retinal vessels by their own (retinal bypass)

6. Is it in experimental stage?
      1) No, experimental study is already published in American Journal in 1976 which concluded
          intact omentum can safely be put in the eye.
      2) Clinical study of operated cases already published in Scientific Journals
            a) American Journal of Surgery 2005
            b) International Surgery Jr. 2007

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